A1 French - new
Thursdays from 19:45 to 21:15

This A1 French language course is for complete beginners who would like to start learning French.

Upon completing this course, you would achieve level A1 and be ready to progress to level A2. You will learn French over 6 terms, with each subsequent term following one after the other. Each term can be paid separately, in advance of attending.

There is a registration fee of £30 to join this course, which includes the course book.

Term 1
starts 30 Jan '20
11 classes
Term 2
starts 9 Apr '20
11 classes
Term 3
starts 13 Aug '20
11 classes
Term 4
starts 29 Oct '20
11 classes
Once Term 1 has started, some knowledge of French would be required to join this course.
Sample classes

If you are thinking about studying, or continuing to study a foreign language, a sample class is a great way to get started, with an opportunity to chat with us after the class.

A sample class is available for new students to Language Within to help them determine the best level course to start with.

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