Our Team

We have an excellent team of native speaking teachers, who are experienced at teaching full immersion classes.

This small group of dedicated teachers, supports our students on their journey to learn another language.

English Teacher

David has taught English since 2002, and set up Language Within in 2011 after teaching in Dublin, the south of Spain, and Cambridge.

With a BA (Honours) in Modern Language Studies, and a CELTA, he has worked to develop children's courses, run the school, and support staff with their continued development.

English Teacher

Alison has been teaching for a number of years, and has an RSA Dip. She recently returned to Glasgow after being involved in ESOL down in Bristol.

She teaches English courses.

Italian Teacher

Originally from Lioni, a small town in the South of Italy, Roberta combines her Arts degree from the University of Bologna, with her CLTA, to teach our Italian courses.

She speaks Italian and English.

Spanish teacher

Karla is originally from Mexico City and went to high school in the States before returning to Mexico to obtain her degree in Translation from Universidad Intercontinental. She has been teaching both Spanish and English, and worked as and translator.

She teaches Spanish course for adults and children.

Italian Teacher

Matteo is from Sassuolo, in the north of Italy and combines his 3 year Acting Diploma from Rome with his recently completed DITALS qualification obtained in Modena by Romanica.

Matteo teaches Italian for adults and for kids.