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Italian classes

Italy has developed a unique culture, shaped by a multitude of regional customs and local centres of power and patronage.

It has rich collections of art, culture and literature from many different periods.

Language Within is located on the first floor of a historical building, which may present some difficulties for people with mobility impairments.

Italian for adults

It's never too late to start learning another language.

Being able to speak another language can make the difference between going on holiday and actually being on holiday.

Having the ability to communicate creates wonderful new experiences. You'll feel more welcomed and better understand the culture.

Italian for kids

Over the years we've developed a very successful approach to teaching Italian to children.

Our Italian classes ensure that your child not only learns Italian, but that they have a lot of fun doing so.

If they're at least 3 years old and have good command of English language, give us a call.

Italian for business

In the world of international business, it is now expected that Engish speakers have at least two languages.

To ensure that your company keeps its edge, we offer bespoke in-house solutions to fit around your work flow.