in-company language courses

Course Information

In-company language training supports a company's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by developing linguistic competence when dealing with international clients.

The benefits of in-company language learning also supports transferable skills, can reinforce soft skills, as well as personal development.

Our language training courses are available for groups or one-to-one study for general language development. Bespoke training for specific needs can also be arranged. Courses can be provided in-company, or at Language Within, with either a fixed or flexible schedule.

Course types
Small groups
4-8 people
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Large groups
9-12 people
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Uniquely designed course
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one-to-one course
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Book Clubs

Our Book Clubs provide a great opportunity to practice your language skills while meeting other people who love reading and learning.

For learners of Italian, Spanish or French to read while listening, and work on activities at the end of each chapter.

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Sample classes

If you are thinking about studying, or continuing to study a foreign language, a sample class is a great way to get started, with an opportunity to chat with us after the class.

A sample class is available for new students to Language Within to help them determine the best level course to start with.