France has been a centre of Western cultural development for centuries.

Many French artists have been among the most renowned of their time, and France is still recognized globally for its rich cultural tradition.

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French for kids

Over the years we have developed a unique methodology based on a very successful approach to teaching languages to children.

Our French classes employ this approach, which ensures that your children not only learn French, they have a lot of fun doing so.

The best time to start is when your wee one reaches 3 years old and has good English language skills.

French for teens

It's important to keep in mind that teenagers are not kids anymore.

Our French classes for teens are full immersion, allowing them to stay ahead of the state curriculum so that they can achieve their best when it matters most.

These classes reinforce fundamentals and provide ample opportunity to speak and acquire the skills to communicate effectively in French.

French for adults

It's never too late to start learning another language.

Being able to speak another language can make the difference between going on holiday and actually being on holiday.

Having the ability to communicate creates wonderful new experiences. You will feel more welcomed and better understand the culture.

French for business

In the world of international business, it is now expected that native Engish speakers have at least one foreign language.

To ensure that your company keeps its edge, we offer bespoke in-house solutions to fit around your work flow.

Apart from classes, we also provide a range of business support services to ensure that communication stays clear.


Looking for some French culture in Scotland?

This directory lists some places where you can find or experience French culture, including monuments, restaurants, cinemas and more.

We're happy to take suggestions of any places that are not in our directory, so please let us know and we'll check it out.